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Tips for Surviving a Recession

Posted by Angelica on October - 18 - 2011

Quotes of the Day

~ “We’re still in a recession. We’re not going to be out of it for a while, but we will get out. – Warren Buffett
~ “Everyone drinks more during a recession; they want to forget. – Christian Audigier”


Recession can happen at any point of time to any countries around the world, even more in a highly developed nation. One of the main reasons why nations go into recession is when supply exceeds the demand and goes against the economics law. When this happens at a minimal rate, it doesn’t hurt the natures of macroeconomics, but sometimes, financial institutions, corporations, small & medium enterprises & individuals become a little too greedy and go beyond their personal capacities of borrowings and lending. The first few signs of a recession include the increase of bad debts, inflation, the rise of cost of living, unemployment, & the decrease in purchasing power. These eventually lead to banks cutting down on their borrowings, consumers not having enough funding to continue growing a business or investment, thus resulting in cost cutting, major layoffs and decreased purchasing power. This is usually a vicious cycle of a recession that many countries see when its economy is growing robustly. It is something that no one manages to predict and everyone, from the rich to poor will suffer from it.


10 Tips of Surviving Recession


  1. Cash is king –save as much cash as possible while you’re still employed. When recession hits, financial institutions immediately cut down on lending of any form (credit card, loans, mortgages, etc). Your fallback will have to be the emergency fund you built in the good days. In any event you lose your job; you need at least 6 months’ pay to survive! Even more reason to save if you’re accountable for a big family. The best ways of savings would be in short term money markets that are easy to liquidate.

  3. Keep a financial journal – one of the first rules of organizing your financials is keeping track of it. You don’t need financials softwares or solutions to do this. A simple excel works great in tracking your expenses and which categories it hits. Your financial categories should be broken down by into major categories such as groceries, mortgages, medical, transportation, utilities, savings and other essentials. Once you have a structured list which shows you where you income flows, it’s easy to determine the ways to cut down on it.

  5. Reduce buying –postpone any plans of home makeover, changing your car, wardrobe reorganizing or anything that can wait. Put up with whatever you have currently and buy only essential or necessary goods. If possible, buy in bulks the items which are staple use for your home as this tend to be cheaper.

  7. Don’t overspend – you would need to still spend for your food & clothes and other daily necessities, but opt for the cheaper choice. Cheaper doesn’t usually mean you need to compromise on quality or comfort. Just forget about brands and luxury for some time and opt for generic items. Tip: Substitute the Starbucks coffee with a fresh home brewed coffee!

  9. Limit using you credit card – stick to paying off the minimum payment and keep you credit line available for any emergency use that might come along at the time you least expect. If possible, try to settle any outstanding on the credit card while you’re still on an income. The key rule is to pay off loans which incur the highest interest and keep a clean credit line for times of need.

  11. Take advantage of the stock market – if you have any excess cash available, take the opportunity to buy good undervalued stocks when the market is at its lowest. Learn up about investment in penny stocks at Penny stocks when played with the right strategy will give you a nice side income to offset your financial woes.
  12. A Guide To Understanding How Penny Stocks Work-recession


  13. Think of other creative & smart ways to make money on top of your day to day job – Some of the common ways of making extra money starts at your home. Perform a home spring cleaning and put aside the things you don’t need. Sell them at cash converters, second hand shops, or organize a garage sell in your neighborhood. See to learn more about other ways to earn legitimate income.

  15. Refinance your car loan and mortgages – one of the good news that recession brings is the decrease in interest rates of loans and mortgages. Speak to banks about refinancing your loans at the spot rates which tend to be lower. Survey different lenders to find out the best rates that are being offered in the current market before agreeing to a financier.

  17. Keep yourself covered at all timesWorkout your insurance coverage for you and your family especially when it comes to medical protection. You want to make sure that in an event of mishap during recession
    times, you’ll be protected by your own insurance. Never rely utterly on the compensation of your company. You never know what cost cutting the employers go into in times of recession. Even worse if you lose your benefits in kind collectively with the layoff.

  19. Stay safe at jobs or start polishing up your resume – When companies start downsizing, the rule of thumb is usually based on “Last in first out” or “getting rid of the bummer”. If you’ve not qualified of being the most experienced staff or the employee of the month, start increasing your productivity at work or start getting people to realize your importance in the office. At the same time, make necessary updates to your resume and call up job agencies and update your profile with them. An early job hunt would never hurt you in times of recession.

Financial Freedom during recession


The Search for Happiness

Posted by Angelica on August - 4 - 2011

How to be Happy & Contented


Quote: “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”


Happiness is defined as a state of well-being and contentment accompanied with the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. When we experience happiness, we feel fortunate and blessed and everything around us would seem magnificent. Most people these days are searching too hard and too far for this feeling to appear when what we really need to do is step back, unwind, and enjoy the present moment as it is. When you do this, you’re already on your way to enjoying this feeling.

How happy are you this very moment? Take the Happiness test at


The small little things to heighten the blissful feeling of happiness:

  • Happiness is a choice – recognize that being happy is more than an emotion; it’s a choice of how you want your state of mind to be. To embrace happiness, you must first let go of your misery. You can choose joy over sadness, positivity over negativity. No one should have control on your emotions


  • Be thankful to God – how often do we focus on life’s problem that we miss to see that each day is a blessing to be able to wake up alive. Constantly remind yourself about this and appreciate this gift and take time to pray.

    Thankful to god


  • Take regular time-off for yourself – if you’ve been on a streak of high-pressuring lifestyle, make sure to take breaks as and when your mind or body suggests you too. Spend time with family, go for holidays, have solitude moments of reflection, or just let your body have the sleep it needs. Come back to reality with more productivity, alertness and efficiency


  • See the positive in others – if you tend to develop hatred towards others more often that you should, it might be one of the reason that’s draining your happiness. Everyone would possess a goodness in themselves and the key is to find the positivity in people and try focusing on that instead


  • See beauty in the tiniest creations – many times, we are so bogged down with the rush & intensity of life that we fail to see beauty in littlest formation. Take time to appreciate the morning dew of a bloom, the sound of water flowing, the orange sunset, or the smell of roses

    Beauty inNature


  • Laugh more – it improves blood circulation, & releases pain-reducing endorphins. Laughter instantly brightens your mood and releases tension


  • Learn something new – you would never know your full capability until you’ve tried new things. Take up art classes, attempt a new sport, try an exotic food, or go places you’ve never been before. Life is much more than it seems and you need to get out of your comfort zone. On the other hand, never do something just because everyone else is doing it. Do what you heart wants and you’ll enjoy every moment of it


  • Spend time with children – a child is pure, naïve and totally free-spirited. Sometimes, you just need to become a child to feel joyful. Play games with children, watch movies with them, try bonding with them to learn how they take life so effortlessly

    Child is pure, naïve and totally free-spirited


  • Giving – I’ve read about the act of giving from people who have much and people who have very little. Multibillionaires, the kind in heart, those who don’t have but yet offer are people who have given testimonials of how generosity gives them inner peace of mind. Giving not necessarily need to be in the form of money or things, it could also be in the form of time, energy or voluntary services. If you have old clothes or things that you’re not using anymore, give them out today. Someone out there would have a use for it


  • Get acquainted with your old friends – This is a great way to feel young instantly. Remember the days you had in school which had been free-spirited & unstressed? You can rekindle the feeling by getting in touch with the people who shared the moments with you


  • Smile often – What do you think are the odds of you smiling and not receiving the smile back in return? In a completely civilized culture, this should be very minimal or zero. Smile is a way humankind reflect gestures of greetings and it inspires instant happiness

    Smile often


  • Pursue your innermost dream – find out what you’ve always wanted to do and do it. It could be dancing, owning your own garden, or even rocket science. No one should tell you that you’ve incompetent of anything other than yourself. You know your strengths & weaknesses and have full control over them


  • Take time to enjoy your food – Food is a way of feeding your soul. So much has been stressed about consuming the right nutrients and vitamins essential for your body in the form of a healthy & content meal. Breakfast, lunch, tea-time & dinner are the essential meals that you should consume without distracting yourself on other thoughts or happenings. Of course you could get companies like a loved one, friends or co-workers to join you for your meals, but concentrate on happy or positive socializing instead of gossiping or stressful topics


  • Be alert of the small miracles that happen around you – miracles happen around us at all forms, the birth of a kitten, a guardian angel protecting you from the pothole, or the promotion that you get at work. Look at these as a grace of God and you’ll instantly feel happiness or satisfaction building in you



  • Reward yourself – you don’t need others telling you how accomplished you are. There’s no better person to tell you that you’ve done a great job and deserve the pat on the back than yourself. If you feel that you’ve achieved something significant in your life, get yourself rewarded by sending yourself fresh flowers, buying yourself a good book, or going for the travel escapade of your dreams


  • Avoid gossips – Good news travels fast, and bad news faster; for whatever reason that is. Do not let gossip control your life. It is essential to pour out your feeling as times, but don’t do it at the cost of everyone else. The path to happiness is through praises & compliments, not condemns & criticizing. Remember that good words will establish you reputation as a person, earn you trust, respect and admiration of other. And this applies vice versa


  • Take up good habits – sleeping on time, exercising, personal hygiene, punctuality are all great habits than should be incorporated into our routines. These simple habits will keep our lives on-track and happiness would supersede stress or depression. After all, it only takes 21 days to institute a good habit!


  • Read, listen or sing to motivations or inspiration – we all have that time when life throws a lemon. When we fall, we get up, dust ourselves and always move forward. If a situation seems overwhelming, try help of books, songs or motivational videos that will guide you to the road of recovery


  • Manage your Debts – money matters have been one of the stress inducing component when not managed wisely. Always pay your debts on-time, never spend more than you earn, live within your means, and enjoy simple things in life. Remember that money buys comfort, but “Money can never buy Happiness”



  • Trust others – in the current dog eat dog world, it might not be the best advice to be sharing. However, it is significant to have a certain amount of trust in people we come across, work with or live with. Trusting gives an inner peace and guide to a life path. *Disclaimer: never give out possession in the name of trust, always conduct a proper due diligence when it comes to money. You should never cheat others nor let others cheat you.
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