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Save Cash by Thinking Green

Posted by Angelica on April - 18 - 2012 with 0 Comment

Save Cash By Thinking Green


And here’s 10 more!

  1. Buy in bulk. Purchasing food and supplies in bulk can save money and reduce packaging and expensive car trips
  2. Keep your mobile phone, computers and electronics as long as possible, do you really need to replace your 42″ TV with a 50″ one?
  3. Recycle your old mobile for cash rather than binning it. Many mobile phone recyclers exist now who will pay good money for your old phone.
  4. Do you really need it new? Buy second hand to save money and keep it out the trash
  5. Don’t buy bottled water. It’s expensive and tastes just as good from the tap for free – Take a reusable (not plastic) water bottle when out and about to save money and reduce production of plastic water bottles.
  6. Knock your washing machine down to 30 degrees whenever possible
  7. Solar power is free. Use a washing line to cut out using the expensive dryer
  8. Unplug all your charging cables if you’re not using them, they still draw power
  9. When choosing new clothes, look for those that don’t need to be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is expensive and uses harmful chemicals
  10. Recycle your old CDs, DVDs and games keeping them out the trash.


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