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Then vs. Now: How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation?

Posted by Angelica on April - 23 - 2012 with 0 Comment

How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation

One of the major differences between kids now and kids a decade ago is that most kids have their own cell phone now. Unfortunately, the average kid is also less likely to graduate from high school than his counterpart of ten years ago.

On the bright side, the kids of today are a bit less likely to indulge in either marijuana or cigarette use and to practice safer sex. On average, they earn twice as much money as kids did a decade ago and are more likely to be learning a foreign language. They are also about 50 percent less likely to be holding down a part-time job and are not as likely to have a driver’s license.

Despite the higher high school dropout rate experienced by kids these days, a bigger percentage of them intend on seeking higher education in order to accomplish career goals. SAT scores are higher as well.


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