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Great Christmas Themes & Ideas at Home & Office

Posted by Angelica on December - 6 - 2011

Christmas Quote

Wish you all A Merry Christmas,
May the Joys of the season
Fill your heart with goodwill and cheer.
May the chimes of Christmas glory
Add up more shine and spread
Smiles across the miles,
To-day & In the New Year.
~Rosie Cash


It’s December again and Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re still confused about this year’s Christmas theme, here’s a list of Christmas ideas on settings and decoration to help you guide and prepare for a great holiday seasons. The most important thing to remember is to have fun doing and enjoy your preparation work. J Merry Christmas Everyone!


Christmas Celebration at Home

  • Neighborhood Christmas house deco – set up a small neighborhood committee who would like to participate and have a fun competition to decorate each houses and see who’s best. You can choose to lay down a few rules and evaluation points like the most attractive, the most organized, the most nature friendly or so on. The idea is really to get everyone start mingling and getting into the Christmas spirit together.

    outdoor Christmas deco outdoor Christmas deco


  • Decorating a home based on color themes – Choosing a color theme can go a long way. It helps you get the ball rolling with inspirational ideas based on the color you’ve chosen. Try Blue & White for a white Christmas feel, or the classic Gold & Red, or even something modern and chic like Green and Orange or Fluorescent Pink & Silver. Once you get started on the color, you’ll be surprised at how many things in the house that starts changing accordingly to the color theme πŸ˜‰

    orange Christmas tree


  • Bake cookies/cakes – Home make the cookies & cakes by Yourself instead of buying and get everyone at home involved. It’s a great way to get the family connected including the boys. For ideas on Christmas cookies and cakes recipe, visit

    Christmas cookiesChristmas cookies


  • Christmas caroling – caroling for Christmas never gets old. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide of ‘How to Organize a Christmas Caroling. Plan early to decide on timing of sessions (between Thanksgiving & Christmas), pick dates & songs list, identify your top carolers and make sure they’re there at all the session, plan your route, encourage and invite more people to participate along the way, dress up in your Santa, Elf, Santarina, or Victorian costume, and just enjoy yourself. Optional: bring eggnogs!
    Christmas caroling

  • Christmas deco ideas – work around with lots of lights, wreath & ornaments, snowflakes, confetti’s, stockings, candles, ribbons, gingerbread houses, candy canes, mistletoes & pines or Christmas cards.
    Christmas deco idea

  • Give – Think of the poor and disable and how would they celebrate Christmas? This is a great month for giving and getting the blessings from doing so. Give away clothes, food and any other things not in use or simply give out money for charity.
    Christmas charity giving

  • Organize kids Christmas party – The children are usually most excited about Christmas and it’s a great idea to organize Christmas parties for them. Get come of the older kids to give some creative ideas on Christmas crafts, games, stuffing of stockings, snacks or food and get them to help in organizing this fun and excited event. Your kids will love you for this and don’t be surprised that you might have a great time too planning and joining this event.
    kids Christmas party

Christmas Celebration in the Office

  • Cubicle decorating competition – everyone in the office has their cubicle and what better way there is to get into the mood and spirit of Christmas than decorating your own cubicles. The idea is really not to get the most expensive gifts for the winners but rather to get everyone involved in this event.
    office Christmas cubicle office Christmas cubicle

  • Homemade cookie baking and tasting competition – get staffs to participate in this competition to get a chance of having some Christmas treats in the office. You’ll be surprised that many staffs would want to join in this event as many of them will be preparing their own cookies at home and this would just be some additional fun. After judging, and price giving ceremony, everyone gets to enjoy the cookies! You might also decide to throw in a potluck along.
    Christmas in office

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange – If you work in a big office with many people, this game is great to get everyone involved. The rules are really simple. You determine a budget for all the participants to buy a gift anonymously bring all the gifts on that day and everyone sits in a circle. One by one then, you each person gets to either pick and un-wrap their gift from the gift bundle or steals it from the person before. This is also a great game for ice breaking among big group of people in the office!
    Christmas gift exchange in office

  • Christmas theme best dressed day – announce a day nearing Christmas for everyone to come to office in their Christmas costumes. Not only you have an opportunity to dress down for a day, but some might even get creative doing this. Imagine Santa, Sexy Santarina, Rudolf or Mary in the Manger coming in to office.
    Christmas costumes

  • Christmas tree decoration/ ornament making competition – it’s easy to have a Christmas tree in the office but imagine how much fun it can get to have the employees involved in decorating the tree. Organize something like each staff needs to make an ornament and hang in on the tree with the names and signature attached to it. It becomes more meaningful when each employee sees that they have put in effort decorating their office Christmas tree. J
    handcrafted Christmas ornament

Face Shapes and Styles that Suits Best

Posted by Angelica on December - 2 - 2011

Quotes of the Day

“Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.” ~Martin Buxbaum
“Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance.”– John Ruskin

There are 8 major face shapes that are most common in this world. Have you ever thought of which category you might fall into? Knowing your face shape and finding the most complimenting style is essential for every men and women. The worst kind of fashion blunder is trying to impersonate someone who has the total opposite features as you do and looking extremely weird in it. Read further to determine your face type and the styles that suits you best!


Common face shapes

  • Oblong face – is longer than it is wide with a rounded jaw-line. May have high cheekbone, long nose & tall forehead. The key to dealing with the oblong face is to introduce a style with added width and emphasize horizontal lines. For the angular version smooth curves should be included to create contours. Celebrities that match this face type include, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Affleck, Collin Farrell & Liv Tyler.

Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Best Glasses for your Face Shape

Best Enhancements for your Face Shape

  • Bangs, fringe, horizontal volume, waves, & curls
  • Soft natural looking layers
  • Off centre parting
  • Medium short to medium long length
  • Tall or broad frames with top rims & decorative temples

  • Make up should make the cheekbone appear wider & shorten the face accordingly with the proper blusher techniques
  • Earrings or necklace with more width than length


  • Oval face – is known as the ideal face type. The main characteristic of an oval face is that the length will be equal to one and a half times of the width with forehead & jaw having the same width. Think of it as a perfect egg shape. Celebrities that match this face type include, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry & Zac Efron

Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Best Glasses for your Face Shape

Best Enhancements for your Face Shape

  • Get hair away from your face with pony tails or buns to show off your perfect structure
  • Boy crop it with mini flips & sexy layers
  • Centre parting works great for this face
  • Any glasses will suit this face type but proportionate it with the size of your head. Smaller frames for small foreheads and vice versa

  • All jewelries’ should be proportionate to the face and head size
  • Make up can be simple and enhance the best feature of the face Get creative with hats or scarf’s to heighten your look


  • Round face – is almost same in width & length and has full rounded jaw line. Hairline might also be rounded. The key to enhance the round face is by giving it a longer and slimmer illusion. Celebrities that match this face type include, Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez, Evan Handler, and Kelly Clarkson

Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Best Glasses for your Face Shape

Best Enhancements for your Face Shape

  • Try hairstyles that add height to the top of your head to make the face appear longer
  • Layers, soft waves & wispy ends go great for round faces
  • Go for short hairs that end just below the chin

  • Opt for angle frames rather than curves
  • Frames that are longer than width will make the face look longer

  • Apply blush just under the apple (ball) of your cheeks and extend to your temples to give the face a slimmer look
  • Wear earrings or necklaces that are longer than wide to heighten the look


  • Rectangular face – has definite length more than width with broad and square jaw. The sides of the face are straight and forehead is squarish inline with the jaw shape. The styling aims are to shorten the face and create a broader face and softer jaw line. Celebrities that match this face type include, Sandra Bullock, Ted Danson & Katrina Kaif.

Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Best Glasses for your Face Shape

Best Enhancements for your Face Shape

  • Try hairstyles that add width at the temple, cheekbone & neckline area to give a non square face look
  • Off centre parting works best with natural styles
  • Go for medium to long look and avoid angular cuts

  • Opt for frames with curves to soften the angular look
  • Try wider frames to make the face look less long

  • Apply blush under the cheekbone and blend towards the ear to give the jaw a fuller less angular look
  • Button, tear drop or oval earrings work great to cut off some angularity
  • Avoid hair accessories that add length to the face


  • Square face – has characteristics of width & length almost equal with big forehead and jaw line. Most likely for the hairline to also appear square. The aim is to create a longer look and soften angular. Celebrities that match this face type include, Eva Mendes, Keira Knightly, Megan Fox, Calista Flockhart & Ryan Seacrest.

Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Best Glasses for your Face Shape

Best Enhancements for your Face Shape

  • Add length to the forehead or crown to heighten the face
  • Avoid centre parting.
  • Work the hair with soft curls, waves & wisps
  • Get hair close to ears to emphasize cheekbones.
  • Avoid very straight or angular hairstyles

  • Opt for frames pointed upwards and curved to the bottom to minimize squareness of the face
  • Avoid frames that are wider than your face

  • Soften forehead and jaw line by applying darker shades of foundation at temples and jaw
  • Apply blusher at apple of cheekbone to give the cheek a rounder and fuller look
  • Opt for long rounded and circular earring and necklace to soften the squares and lengthen the face


  • Triangular face – has characteristics of a smaller forehead and larger jaw representing a triangle pattern. The main aim of styling is to minimize the jaw broadness and adding width to the forehead or temples. Celebrities that match this face type include, Minnie Driver, Fantasia Barrino, Billie Piper & Johnny Depp.

Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Best Glasses for your Face Shape

Best Enhancements for your Face Shape

  • hairstyles that add height & width at the temple area
  • hair covers the ears and is close to jawline
  • Side parting works best for this face type
  • Bangs, layers, & wisps work great to compliment this face type

  • frames with cat eye or oval shapes work best for this face type as it adds height to the top of the face
  • choose frames with heavy designs or colors at the top of the frame and slightly wider than the temple area

  • apply darker foundation at jaw area to give a smaller effect and add lighter foundation cheekbone and forehead area to enhance the top of your face
  • apply blusher at apple cheekbone area right up to the temple in a V shape
  • choose hats that add width to the top of the head
  • wear earrings that are longer


  • Diamond face – is slightly longer than wider and narrow and both chin & forehead. The aim is to create a broader look at the chin & forehead to enhance this look. Celebrities that match this face type include, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Hurley, Katherine Hepburn & Jake Gyllenhaal

Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Best Glasses for your Face Shape

Best Enhancements for your Face Shape

  • hairstyles that are full at temple and chin area
  • Fringe or layered bangs that sweeps to the side
  • medium length style with off centre partings
  • styles that are swept into an up-do bun
  • avoid styles that add fullness to the cheek area
  • frames with oval shapes work best for this face type but make sure it’s not wider than the cheekbone area
  • choose style that add width to the brow and has colorful or heavy design at the top frame

  • apply blusher at apple cheekbone and blend towards the centre of the ear
  • apply lighter foundation at chin & temple area to widen the lookchoose earrings that are narrow at the top and wider at the bottom such as triangles, tear drops & pear shapes


  • Inverted Triangle or Heart Shaped Face – has a wide forehead and high cheekbone and a narrow chin. The difference between inverted triangle and heart shape is the hair line in where the heart shaped hairline has a widow’s peak. The aim to get a best look for this shape is to make the forehead appear narrower & add width to the chin area. Celebrities that match the inverted triangle look include Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Ricci

Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape

Best Glasses for your Face Shape

Best Enhancements for your Face Shape

  • try styles that add volume at the jaw line
  • bravely opt for centre parting to boast your fine forehead
  • try light bangs or fringe that close your face above the ears
  • avoid straight bangs or fringe, or pulling up your hair in a tight pony tail

  • Round or oval frames that are wide below the eye line works best for this face
  • shape.
  • opt for medium colored or rimless frames.


  • apply darker foundation at temple to make the forehead appear narrower
  • apply light foundation at jaw line to make it appear wider
  • choose earring that will add width to your jaw lines such as drops, rectangles & ovals
  • looks for a hat with a prominent crown to make your forehead look narrower


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